Digital Daylight has recently created a bespoke design and then manufactured and installed its ground-breaking ‘Aura’ Cool Dynamic Daylighting glazing treatment at a leading NHS Hospital.  This has boosted the wellbeing of patients and staff in the intensive care ward treating COVID 19 patients. 

No other glazing solution was capable of delivering the full range of environmental benefits, meeting the needs of patients and staff, and with the added benefit of being anti-microbial. 

Simple to install, with the minimum of impact on the care being provided, it was exactly what the COVID 19 intensive care ward needed. 

The impact of heat build-up caused by solar gain through the ward windows, was particularly uncomfortable for staff dressed in PPE equipment and difficult to deal with by the hospital management.

Digital Daylight’s ability to be configured and manufactured to create a bespoke solution was paramount.  Cool diffused daylight is projected deep into the rooms, providing natural ‘circadian’ illumination, significantly reducing solar gain and cooling the rooms treated.

Hospital running costs are reduced, as internal lighting needs are lowered along with air conditioning energy requirements.